Saturday, June 26, 2010

Skywatch No. 46

I'd meant to put this up back in March, when I'd taken this, but have never really gotten around to it. It was around that indeterminate space of time between winter and spring, when the ground is no longer snow-covered, but it hasn't quite melted away either- everything is crusted in a sort of muddy, watery sort of ice- and the colours are simultaneously drabber and more vivid.

Anyways, I'd like to thank you all so much for the support on our video earlier this month. The results are as expected- we didn't make it- but the experience was fantastic and you support, again, means a lot. Thank you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes It Works Like This

I find that it is often late when I finally get down to writing. Late, late enough that tiredness drags thinking down to a crawl, late enough for elaborately crafted sentences to be broken down into essentials.

i have always wanted to write like this. unchecked and unbound by the conventions of proper writing, disconnected without being disjointed, rambling without being irrelevant. it is a nice thing to let go sometimes. i can write in fragments. i can use words i usually choose not to. i can not capitalize my i's. i, i, i. it moves along a stream of consciousness, and it is free.

i like it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Skywatch No. 44

Like usual, only a few words from Andunie today. These are a few barreling-down-the-freeway type scenes.

It was rather very early in the morning, and I (who had after high school stopped regarding 6am as any sort of reasonable waking time) was very groggy. But mornings are quite nice, after all, and I can never pass up the opportunity to see low light combined with a low fog before the sun burns it away.

And of course, morning travel has a brisk, relaxed feel to it. Provided, of course, I am not the one at the wheel.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Mustering of Forces

Item number one:

Skywatches. I choose two from the myriad recent sky shots because none were particularly remarkable on their own. Nothing wrong with twice the sky, anyhow.

Item number two:

Olympus (the camera people, not the mountain) hosts a video contest. Most people plop themselves before their webcams and proceed to give a speech (if this is you, take no offense). My brother and I lug our camera about and churn out a short stop-motion film (which, if you ask me, is not too shabby).

The thing is, it's based primarily on popular vote. Meaning that we'd greatly appreciate if you could lend your support by popping over to Youtube before June 6th and giving a 'thumbs up' (or two) if you so feel inclined.

Many thanks for the time, in any case!