Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

It's Earth Day, foo's. Stop tossing rubbish on the ground. Stop tossing things that can very evidently be recycled into the garbage when the recycling bin is six inches away.

To right is my most creative Skywatch to date. Straight out of the camera. We've not had sky like that for eons.

Yesterday I was lounging about on the grass, enjoying for once not having to do anything. Several friends were bouncing about, excitedly babbling about being late for something. I ask them where they're going.

"Flash mob!"

I manage a "wh-" before they vanish. So, camera in hand, I dash off on their heels. There isn't much of a mob, though there's a small knot of people gathered on one side of the square.


It turns out to be a tree-hugging event, the awesomeness of which makes up for everything.


  1. aloha,

    beautiful view of your skies today, its that pure blue and no clouds?...happy earth day