Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skywatch No. 37

I was going to run up to the observatory to shoot last night, but didn't make it. Then I installed some HDR software and ran off to shoot meh sum' HDR, but then concluded I needed a lot of practice first.

So this week, I'll just be posting what I actually can and know how to do. I think I just saved you some visual trauma. You're welcome.

Sorry that the sky's not much of a focal point. But it's in there, which is what counts. One day, I'll be back shooting sunsets and thunderclouds. 


  1. I love the maple leaves? in the second shot, and the colours!!! Isn't it interesting that leaves start out one colour, become green, and then change again in the fall?

  2. Great to see such beautiful sights! No matter how much of the sky is showing :-)

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